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About WOW! Gourmet Fudge!

WOW! All about us.  Yes, us.  The folks behind this fudge.  Yeah, WOW!  It’s been a journey that started with a love of fudge.  A love of  knock-your-socks-off, holy moly, melt-in-your-mouth fudge, not the gritty-fake-gas station pretend stuff in the fancy box that SAYS “Fudge” in pretty letters but it doesn’t sing to your taste buds.Ten years ago we started with a few basic flavors made with the very finest ingredients (sugar, cream and butter) and when we shared our fudge something amazing happened, people put it in their mouth and gave us their “Fudge Face,” which basically means their eyes got big, their cheeks sunk in and their mouth squished up into a big kissy-face UNTIL they could talk again, at which point they would say “WOW!  THAT’S FANTASTIC FUDGE!” Followed by 

“I’ll take a pound of four flavors”

Thank you all for enjoying what we love to do for you. 

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